Natural Treacle (free from sugar cane)

In Sri Lanka, treacle is made by refining the sap extracted from either a Kithul or a Coconut tree.

Kithul Treacle is extracted from a palm that grows up to 20 metres high and produces large hanging clusters of flowers near the top. Tappers are the heirs of a rich 2000-year tradition, braving the ascent twice daily to extract the Kithul sap. This delicious, naturally sweet flavor is perfect for desserts, marinades, and as a topping on your favorite dishes.

On the other hand, Coconut Treacle is made of rich, natural coconut sap extracted from coconut palms and refined using traditional Sri Lankan techniques, Lockbird Coconut Treacle is a thick, golden nectar that is used as a healthy substitute for refined or processed sweeteners.

Savored for thousands of years, even by royalty, the genuine treacle is a “must-have” for the modern diet.